Today is the day that the Nex Artist mobile app is available to download from the Google Play and Apple App Stores (UK and US only). This has been 3+ years in the making and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

During the pre-registration period from 5th December until today, we managed to accumulate many great upcoming artists that have signed up on our platform. Though the number of registrations is limited, it should hopefully give everyone a feel for its potential in the future.

On the app, you can use the search page to filter results on the Artist Country, Track Genre and BPM. Artist results will showcase their top tracks in 30 second previews to instantly give you a feel for their music.

Like what you hear? Swiping right on an artist result will add them to your artist collection where you can view their Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok links and listen to their full tracks on your preferred streaming service (Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud).

Not interested? Swiping left will remove the artist from future search results, guaranteeing that you will only ever discover artists you have not seen before.

At this time it is likely that many sub-genres won’t return any results, but that will change in the future as we continue to push our platform to artists of all genres.

We have lots planned to enhance and optimise the experience for artists and listeners to stay tuned for future updates!

The Nex Artist Team

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