We're making some changes!

From 1st April, we have decided to make our platform electronic only. This means that our apps will only showcase electronic artists. Our websites and social media will also undergo a slight rebrand.

Why are we doing this?

We feel our lack of expertise and connections in the live music industry is hindering out ability to properly support those artists, and to grow our user base.

Our main passion and knowledge lies within the electronic music scene, and there are countless more ways in which we believe we can make a difference to the lives of electronic music artists and fans.

Over 80% of the artists currently on our platform are electronic producers, many of which are rooting for us and engaging with our content consistently.

Being an early-stage startup allows us the opportunity to make pivots such as this, to focus on building a better product for our main audience.

So we have decided to take that risk.

What can you expect for the future?

There are many features we have planned which will provide both producers and DJs with more tools to get their music heard, and grow their fanbase organically.

We will begin to tailor our apps to the needs of the underground electronic scene, pushing the brand to become a leader in its industry.

We hope that you understand our decision and can continue to support us on our mission.


Thank you!

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