Managing your artist profile has never been easier!

The long awaited web app update is finally here and provides compatibility support for mobile devices! Previously, artists could only access the web app from a laptop or desktop computer, as the hurdles of working with browser-based audio encoding was frankly a technical nightmare.

Fortunately, last month we announced that all track encoding had been migrated to the cloud, meaning that we were no longer constrained by the limits of browser audio processing and also benefitted from the performance improvements of scalable cloud computing. We have also worked on making the design of the web app responsive, improving the user experience across a variety of screen sizes.

Artist Web App on Mobile

To access the artist web app on mobile, simply navigate to in a browser app such as Safari or Google Chrome.

If you notice any issues with the web app, please forward as much information as possible over to [email protected] so we can look to resolve them in future updates!

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