In this episode we dive into Instagram’s algorithm changes, Twitch’s revenue share model for labels, and Co-op Live’s further setbacks.

Changes to Instagram algorithm to prioritise original content.

Instagram announced in a recent blog post that its updated algorithm will begin to increase the distribution of exposure for smaller accounts.

This is a result of a change to stop recommending aggregators (accounts that repost other users’ videos and photos), which will be replaced by original content.
Previously, reels were ranked primarily based on the quality of an account’s engagement, meaning accounts with the largest following often saw the most reach.
Reach more on the official instagram blog website here –


Twitch DJs asked to share revenue with labels

The CEO of Twitch, Dan Clancy, announced that DJs using its platform to stream sets will soon have to start sharing their revenue with labels.

As a result of a restructure, Twitch will have to share money with labels from revenue made by DJ streams, which it will contribute a portion towards.

Currently, there is no information on when the new structure will be in place, however it will only apply to DJ streams and not live streams or videos on demand.

Co-op Live announces further postponements after air con unit fails

Following previous cancellations, the first official event to take place at the £365m Co-op Live arena was postponed after a component of an air conditioning unit fell from the roof during soundcheck.

The 23,500-capacity arena in Manchester has experienced several early set backs, including the recent resignation of its general manager.

In a new statement, Co-op Live has said it would be taking a “short pause” and welcome members of the public to the arena from 14th May.

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