In this episode we dive into Splice’s new AI powered ‘Create’ tool, Apple Music’s upcoming features, and SoundCloud’s post-release recommendation boost for artists.

Combat beat-block with Splice’s new AI Powered ‘Create’ tool

Building upon their music-making app CoSo launched in 2022, Splice have announced a new feature to help kickstart your next track in a matter of seconds.

The ‘Create’ tool uses AI to collate samples from their platform that match well to form a stack; Up to 9 sample layers that can be switched out for other sounds.

Users can choose from 12 different music styles and have the ability to export an entire stack into their DAW.

Read the full blog over on Splices’s website –

Apple announce new features coming to Apple Music

Subscribers will have access to create Collaborative Playlists, allowing them to curate playlists with family/friends and react to specific songs with emojis.

A new SharePlay feature will allow trusted iPhone devices to join and control the session, without the need for a subscription.

Apple Music users will also be able to view comprehensive Song Credits data about the creators behind a specific track.

The updates are said to arrive this year in Autumn, however no official release date has been provided as of yet.

View the full blog over on Apple’s website –

SoundCloud experiment with new post-release recommendation feature

Extending on their existing autoplay algorithm, SoundCloud’s ‘First Fans’ feature recommends your newly uploaded tracks to listeners who are likely to enjoy them.

To start with, autoplay will recommend the track to around 100 people with listener profiles that align with your music. Any plays from the recommendations are counted as real streams and would be paid out like any other stream.

This feature is still in an experimental stage but they will be looking to roll this out more broadly to Next Pro users in the near future.

View the full blog post over on SoundCloud’s website –

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