In this episode we dive into Carl Cox’s upcoming Sensorium VR set, Hook’s music remix tool for social media, and Masterchannel’s spatial audio mastering solution.

Carl Cox’s debut DJ set in the metaverse later this month

The renown DJ will be performing a revolutionary 30-minute hybrid live set in the PRISM hub within the Sensorium Galaxy (VR world).

The show will be premiered across multiple platforms on Friday 27th October at 7pm GMT.

Users can tune in via the Sensorium Galaxy website, Tiktok, or YouTube for a 2D experience, and Sensorium’s Steam VR app for a fully immersive 3D experience.

Read more over on Sensorium’s website –


AI powered ‘Hook’ platform will enable fans to easily remix tracks for social media use

Users will be able to select up to a 60-second snippet of popular songs and add their creative spin using Hook’s tool.

The platform aims to compensate artists for unofficial remixes that otherwise may not be identified by track usage detection tools.

A private beta for the platform is launching next month, however no official release date has been announced.


World’s first spatial audio mastering solution announced

AI mastering platform Masterchannel has launched their new tool ‘SpatialAI’ which converts a stereo track to a distribution-ready spatial audio format.

This comes after digital streaming platforms announced a surge in subscribers embracing spatial audio, a successor to stereo.

SpatialAI is currently available from the Masterchannel website and costs just $25 per month for an unlimited number of track masters.

For more information, visit the Masterchannel website –


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