In this episode we dive into Spotify’s demonetisation announcement, Logic Pro’s mastering assistant, and Beatport’s new plugin and sample service.

Spotify to demonetise tracks with under 1k plays

The introduction of the new threshold means that tracks published on Spotify will need to reach a minimum of 1,000 streams within 12 months to be eligible for royalty payments.

This announcement is in relation to Spotify’s changes to their payout model to combat fraudulent streams and other “drains on the royalty pool”.

The change will take effect in early 2024.

Latest Logic Pro update comes with a built-in mastering assistant

Apple has recently announced a new built-in mastering plugin for the latest version of Logic Pro.

The tool can instantly analyse the audio, and has the ability to make adjustments to the dynamics, frequency balance, timbre and loudness to prepare a “release-ready mix”.

This comes after the successful addition of the DAW’s Sample Alchemy plugin; a sample to instrument tool, which was released earlier in the year.

Beatport announces new subscription service for plugins and samples

The new platform, launched by Beatport, will allow producers to rent up to 10 plugins and use 100 sounds per month for a fixed monthly fee.

Artists can decide to rotate their selection of plugins each month, and Beatport have confirmed that artists will still be able to access projects that utilise deselected plugins, however the presets and parameters will become locked.

The subscription is priced at £11.99/$11.99 monthly, or £119.99/$119.99 annually.

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