In this episode we dive into the world’s first spatial and 3D AI DAW, a new music venue friends locator app, and Playlist Alert’s support for Apple Music data.

World’s first spatial and 3D AI DAW is coming to Apple Vision Pro

Immersive audio DAW developer Hit’n’Mix has announced their upcoming release of its RipX spatial audio DAW.

The new app will allow artists to operate the DAW in a 3D space using hand gestures, providing an immersive and more versatile approach to music production.
It will also include support for integrated MIDI and audio functionality, stem separation capabilities, AI generation technology and more.


New music venue friends locator app rolls out in London

The app, called Where You At, allows users to easily communicate with their friends in a venue where signal might be poor.

It utilises Bluetooth technology to send location data to friends’ devices, and provides detailed maps of venues which include useful information on club facilities within the premises.

Where You At is currently operational in eight London venues, including E1, HERE, Outernet, The Lower Third, XOYO, and Drumsheds.

Playlist Alert to notify artists of Apple Music playlist additions

The mobile app, created by streaming-focused label Humble Angel Records, was launched to provide artists with a notification whenever their tracks were added to editorial playlists on Spotify.

Playlist Alert has recently announced that it will be expanding its service to include data from Apple Music, providing artists with coverage on the second largest DSP.

Currently, the app is free of charge with no advertising, but is only available to install on iOS devices.

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