In this episode we dive into Deezer’s new ‘Artist-Centric’ payout boost, Canva’s partnership with WHG & Merlin, and FL Studio’s upcoming stem separation tool.

Deezer announce new ‘Artist-Centric’ payout boosts

Deezer, a popular online streaming service, has confirmed their new payout model in collaboration with UMG to better reward artists.

A double boost will be attributed to artists who have a minimum of 1,000 streams per month by a minimum of 500 unique listeners.

They have additionally decided to assign a double boost for songs that fans actively listen to, reducing the economic influence of algorithmic programming.

Read the full blog over on Deezer’s website –



WMG and Merlin partner with Canva to allow customers to utilise 1000’s of music hits

Canva, a graphic design platform widely used by artists, has announced they will add commercially released music clips to their editor.

Paid and educational customers will have unprecedented access to utilise 1000’s of popular songs that can be used across multiple platforms.

The new partnership offers artists and labels an opportunity to get in front of millions of engaged content creators and earn additional royalties.

View the full blog over on WMG’s website –


Built-in stem separation tools are set to feature in FL Studio 21.2

Image-Line, a Belgian software company best known for it’s DAW FL Studio, have showcased a new stem seperation tool embedded into the 21.2 update.

The feature enables artists to extract vocals, drums and instrumentals from any track directly in the DAW.

By utilising online processing, users have access to ‘terabyte-sized machine learning models’ to seperate stems 1000x faster than would be possible locally.

For more information on the 21.2 update, visit the Image-Line website –


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