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Growing up in Los Angeles, Wesley's music is influenced by the sounds from the streets, dark vibey dance music with aggressive undertones.

Before venturing into the electronic dance music scene, Wedley play in punk, metal and indie rock bands in the backyards of Los Angeles until he discovered house music. Since then, he's blended heavy bass sounds, stomping kicks and clashing drums to create a heavy, fast and energetic sound, throwing it back to those wild and crazy live performances.

In addition to that sound, you will also hear horror movie film samples, video game voices, melodic synths and eerie sounds...

Coming to one of his shows, you'll experience a mixture of bass heavy music, drum and bass, garage, and other various genres all culminating into a riot of a show.

Our QnA with Westley

What was your most memorable DJ performance?

I played at this small warehouse quite a while ago with my best friend. We did a b2b and had our stage so packed and vibing that everyone thought we were the headline act. Such a dope vibe and a great time, one of my best performances.

Which artists have had the most influence on your productions?

Mostly Chris Lorenzo, Taiki Nulight, Tchami and Chris Lake. Their production is so clean and to the point.

What are your go-to plugins/VSTs when producing tracks?

My go-to plugins are pretty much just Serum, RC20 and the stock stuff from Ableton. The rest is just samples I find or chop directly out of movies, tv shows or self-recorded vocals.

What are some methods you use to promote your music?

I use a grass roots approach, word of mouth and typical Instagram and Twitter "Hey check out my track, if you want to... or don't" hahaha. It's only recently I've attempted using SoundCloud w/hypeedit.

What are you proudest signings/releases?

I can say the biggest one was on Divided Souls: Wax Motif's label, has been a pretty big hit for me. It gave me exposure and confidence in getting up and out there! The other would be From The Hood: Hooder's label. They were my first signing and I absolutely love that track ("The Gun").

What are you most excited for about the Nex Artist music platform?

I am excited to see how the mobile app performs and what upcoming artists I find on there like myself! I'm always keen to listen to what new sounds and ideas are coming out, so that will be really cool!

What can we expect to see / hear from you this year?

Definitely new music. I have a lot of new tunes, with new inspiration and new sounds and genres I'm experimenting with! I've been really into drum and bass lately and might be throwing some new tunes out there in that spectrum. Working on booking some more shows and just really pushing it as much as time allows me to!

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